Start exercising: Our five tips
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Start exercising:
Our five tips

Starting to exercise is the perfect challenge for your body. Going for a nice run outside, boxing or working out in the gym: there's nothing like some extra movement. Not only is it very good for you, but exercising will also give your confidence a boost too. Would you like to start exercising, but you don't know how to go about it? Here you will find useful tips for building up your fitness level, creating a workout schedule and having fun while training. Take advantage of it! (Of course - please talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional before starting any workout plan!)

Why start exercising?

There are countless reasons why exercise is good for you. Building up your fitness level is very healthy, and so is strengthening your muscles. You will also keep your joints supple and give yourself an energy boost every time. Exercise is not only good for your body, but also an aid for your mental health. If you blow off steam during an hour of fitness it will lower your stress levels and you’ll feel very proud of yourself afterwards. In short: starting to exercise is a treat for both your body and mind.

How to start exercising?

So, you want to start exercising, but what's the best way to do this? Setting a personal goal and buying sports headphones are some examples of tips that could help you. Above all, don't rush into it - starting an exercise program too quickly isn't always good for your body – but with the following five tips, you will be able to start exercising safely, enjoyably and healthily.

 How to start exercising?

Tip 1: Set a schedule to reach your goal

To get the most out of your workouts, create a clear workout schedule. This way you will always have something to refer to and know exactly what your goals are during a workout. The best way to make a good schedule is to set a goal for yourself first. Run six miles in one hour? Three minutes of plank exercises at the gym? Or thirty perfect push-ups in a row? You can achieve it all.

Break down your big goal into smaller ones. For example, start by perfecting one push-up or alternate thirty seconds of running with thirty seconds of walking. Make every training session a little bit more challenging and before you know it, you will have achieved your workout goal!

Tip 2: (Slowly) build up your fitness

If you're just starting out with exercising, naturally you will be overflowing with motivation. You will want to get the most out of your body and build up your fitness as fast as possible. Hold on to this motivation, but be careful. Give your body a chance to get used to exercising, because an injury could be just around the corner. Overtraining is one of the most common causes of sports injuries.

So start slowly and build up your fitness level gradually. For example, start with a ten-minute workout and carefully add extra minutes to each session. This immediately increases the chance that you carry on exercising for longer and it will easier to get used to small changes in your lifestyle!

Tip 3: Find an exercise that gives you energy

If you enjoy exercising, you will reach your goals more easily. So choose an exercise that gives you an energy boost. Maybe you like fun group lessons or perhaps you feel at your best when you challenge your muscles in a gym. Are you a nature lover? Get on your mountain bike or find a nice running trail near you. Alternatively a yoga session in your living room is also a perfect way to get some extra energy.

Discover what's right for you, and get the most out of yourself. Try out a range of different exercises and find out what puts a smile on your face.

Tip 4: Good sports shoes are a must

It's not a good idea to start training in any old shoes. Before you can get started, you will have to look for good sports shoe. These will absorb shocks, need to be flexible and give you enough grip. This way you can prevent injuries and also keep your feet healthy. Every kind of sport requires a different kind of shoe. Soccer players can't do without studs under their shoes, runners need good shock absorption and weightlifters are looking for stability and support.

Feel free to visit a sports shop and ask for advice, where an expert will tell you exactly which shoe will meet your requirements and find you the best fit.

Tip 5: Buy headphones or earphones for athletes

A great beat, a rousing melody and motivating lyrics - music can put you in the perfect mood for a workout. Headphones or earbuds with good sound quality provide extra motivation during an intense workout. So invest in some JBL Sport Headphones or Sport Earphones. These products are specially designed to ensure a secure fit and are sweatproof too. Wires are now a thing of the past, with true wireless models, and with the push of a button you can easily manage your calls and music while exercising. JBL Sport Headphones and Earbuds are built for all athletes—including you!

Ready, set, go!

Do you want to start exercising and build up your fitness? Then well begun is half done. Make sure you set up a clear and achievable workout schedule, and invest in good sports shoes. Remember to build up your workouts slowly to prevent injuries. In addition, find a sport that gives you real energy, whether it's yoga, boxing or cycling. Finally, a sports headset can give you that extra bit of motivation during your workout. Combine the worlds of sports and superior sound quality with JBL Sports Headphones and Earphones.


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Start exercising: Our five tips Start exercising:
Our five tips
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