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JBL Tuner XL

Portable powerful DAB/DAB+/FM radio with Bluetooth $249.95 each
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JBL Horizon 2 FM

Bluetooth clock radio speaker with FM $179.95 each
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Buy two Horizon 2 speakers and get 40% off

Choose how you listen with JBL's bluetooth speaker range.
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JBL Tuner 2

Portable DAB/DAB+/FM radio with Bluetooth $169.95 each
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Bluetooth Speakers With Radio

Radio Speakers

Crystal clear sound. DAB+ and FM. JBL radio speakers are the perfect companion,

whether they wake you up or join you wherever you go.

Transform your listening experience with JBL's exceptional range of portable Bluetooth speakers. Our speakers are designed to deliver your favourite tunes with unparalleled clarity and depth, anytime, anywhere. 

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Listen Anywhere: Your Portable Speaker with Radio Connectivity

Carry the concert in your pocket as you move through the day, get in on the footy match, and never miss a beat of your beloved tracks with a JBL radio to Bluetooth speaker. Indulge in JBL's acoustic excellence, where superior sound meets sleek aesthetics – it's more than just listening, it's an immersive audio experience. 

Why Choose a Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio?

A Bluetooth speaker with FM radio offers an extraordinary blend of features. You can connect your phone or tablet to play music wirelessly or switch to FM radio for a more traditional audio experience. The True Wireless stereo of our speakers guarantees exceptional sound quality, while the portable design ensures that you can carry your music wherever you go. 

FM Radio Meets Bluetooth

If you’ve been searching for a Bluetooth speaker with radio connectivity, we’ve got you sorted. The integration of FM radio with a Bluetooth speaker is nothing short of revolutionary. It allows you to listen to the radio without the need for any wires or cables, and you can easily switch to Bluetooth when you want to play your personal playlist. With features like an in-built microphone, you won't have to miss any important calls either when you have a JBL Bluetooth speaker with FM radio.

Expand Your Music Experience with True Wireless Stereo

Our speakers come with True Wireless Stereo technology. This means you can link two speakers together to create a more immersive sound experience. Be it for a party, or a day at home, this feature ensures your favourite music plays in rich, resonant audio.

Take Your Music Anywhere with Portable Bluetooth Speakers

JBL portable speakers with radio connectivity are designed to be easy to carry. Small in size but big on sound, they're perfect for every occasion, whether it's a road trip or a party at home. With long battery life and easy USB charging, your music will play all day and all night.

Level Up with Premium Quality Speakers with Radio

At JBL, we believe in enriching lives with supreme sonic quality that doesn't necessitate breaking the bank. Our high-quality Bluetooth speakers are tailored to fit every budget, bringing unrivalled auditory experiences within everyone's reach.

Shop Radio to Bluetooth Speakers Now

Ready to find the perfect Bluetooth radio speaker? Don't wait to transform your music experience. Discover the power of JBL Bluetooth radio speakers and shop online now.


Do JBL's Bluetooth speakers with radio have any additional features?

Absolutely. Some models offer an in-built microphone so you can take important calls directly through the speaker. They also have True Wireless Stereo technology, allowing you to link two speakers together for a more immersive audio experience. Plus, JBL offers smart speakers that can accept voice commands for a hands-free music experience.

What does it mean by True Wireless Stereo technology?

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology allows you to connect two speakers together without wires to create a seamless stereo sound experience.

How portable are JBL's Bluetooth speakers with radio?

JBL's Bluetooth speakers with radio are designed to be highly portable. They are small in size but deliver big, high-quality sound, making them perfect for all occasions, whether you're on a road trip or hosting a party at home. They also have long battery life and offer easy USB charging for convenience.