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Kids Headphones

Let your Kid's party like Popstars for up to 30 hours with Jr310BT
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Kids Wireless on-ear headphones
$49.95 each
$69.95 Save 29%
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JBL Jr310

Kids on-ear Headphones
$19.95 each
$39.95 Save 50%
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JBL Kids Headphones

Made with vibrant colours, high-quality sound, affordable prices, and guaranteed safety, super soft designs, a set of kids' headphones is the perfect gift for your kids to listen to their favourite music in a safe and comfortable way.

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Kids Wireless Headphones Online

At JBL, we are proud to be an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance kids’ headphones, kids' wireless headphones, audio accessories and all sound solutions. Whether it be sport wireless headphones for every workout, kids' headphones for your child, or iPod speaker docks for your home, we have something suitable for you.

When it comes to browsing our entire range of kids’ headphones online, enjoy features such as:

  • Soft-padded headband and ear cushion for feathery fit
  • Extremely portable and compact designs
  • Personalising options with kid-friendly sticker sets
  • JBL Safe Sound
  • Custom-designed ear cushions suitable for kids

Discover our Collection of Headphones For Kids

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your child or your friend’s child, we recommend buying our kids' headphones, with all the wonderful features and colours. Whether it be the set of bright pink wireless headphones or light blue kids' headphones, you are bound to find the perfect gift for your child at JBL.

Shop Kids Wireless Headphones Today

If your kid’s headphones need replacing, be sure to contact one of our friendly well-trained team members today. With their extensive product knowledge, high levels of customer service, and years of industry experience, our team members can provide customised advice on all kids’ wireless headphones and related products.

our kids will enjoy the high-quality sound that is safe for their ears when you purchase from our range of kids' wireless headphones today!


What are the features of JBL headphones for kids?

JBL kids headphones come with a range of exciting features. They have soft-padded headbands and ear cushions for a comfortable fit, portable and compact design for easy carrying, and come with kid-friendly sticker sets for personalisation. They also come with JBL Safe Sound technology to ensure the sound is safe for kids' ears and custom-designed ear cushions suitable for kids.

Can I personalise the JBL children's headphones?

Yes, you can! JBL kids headphones come with kid-friendly sticker sets that can be used to personalise the headphones according to your child's preference.

How safe are the JBL kids headphones for my child?

Safety is a top priority at JBL. The headphones are designed with JBL Safe Sound technology that limits the volume below 85dB, making it safe for kids. The headphones are also equipped with custom-designed ear cushions suitable for kids.

Are your children's headphones wireless?

Yes! JBL provides a range of kids' wireless headphones that allow your child to enjoy their favourite tunes without the fuss of wires.

Can the JBL kids' headphones be used for sports or workout sessions?

JBL kids' headphones are designed primarily for comfort and safety. While they may be used during mild activities, they may not have specific features such as water or sweat resistance that are typically found in sport-specific headphones.

How do I know which JBL kids' headphones are right for my child?

JBL has a team of well-trained staff members who can provide advice on all kids' wireless headphones and related products. You can contact them for assistance in choosing the right headphones for your child.

How do I replace my kid's headphones if needed?

If your kid's headphones need replacing, contact one of our friendly customer service team. They have extensive product knowledge and can assist you in finding the appropriate replacement in our range of kids' wireless headphones.