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$399.90 Save 20%
  • Black
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  • Blue
Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones
$249.95 each
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Coral Orange
Wireless Over-Ear ANC Headphones
$199.95 each
  • Gun Metal
Wireless Over-Ear Adaptive Noise Cancelling headphones
$399.95 each
  • Gun Metal
Wireless In-Ear NC headphones
$299.95 each

Noise Cancelling Headphones so you can be one with your music

You know what it’s like when the perfect song comes on and suddenly someone calls your name or a car beeps its horn and you lose that moment – the moment when you were about to become one with your music. That is all in the past with JBL’s range of noise-cancelling headphones.
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The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Online

At JBL, we have built a reputation for manufacturing and providing leading quality sound solutions, audio accessories and headphones over 70 years. No matter what kind of music you are into or if it’s for your favourite MMO, our selection of noise cancelling headphones has the right set for you.
Browse our extensive range of noise cancelling headphones online and enjoy the features such as:
• Headphones designed for comfort
• Soft headband materials so they stay in place for longer
• Powerful sound from multiple speakers
• Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
• USB charging and hours of battery life on wireless models
These are just some of the many features you can expect when you buy a genuine JBL noise cancelling headphone set.

Browse and Shop for Noise Cancelling headphones Online

Need help choosing the right headphones for your needs? Don’t worry – you can contact our team of professionals right here online, over the phone or at one of our friendly JBL partners across the country.
Browse our full range of products and find the perfect set of wireless, Bluetooth and noise cancelling headphones just for you and enjoy your games or music as if you were right there at the show.